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Socks United

Socks United - Between Art and Toes

The Knitting Project is the first community project from FNDMT, one of the results was these cozy and warm pair of socks. Each one of them have great quality and have great inspirations behinde it.

Sock 1 - Pixel

Meet Pixel, a sock with good elasticity and made with soft and long fiber cotton, these genderless socks provide great comfort to the feet and are available in two adult sizes.

Anna Niestroj design the pattern. She took screenshots sequences of different music videos and printed them with a tiny thermo printer. That’s a creative inspiration!

Sock 2 - Melody

Now it’s time to meet Melody, also a pair with the same characteristics of Pixel but with vibrant colors and geometric elements.

Graça Paz was inspired by the 6 suits of BACH to create 6 paintings and then adapt the patterns to this project, resulting in this creative result!