Watch The Knitting Project: Turning Pixels Into Loops

The Knitting Project

The Knitting Project is the first community project from OFundamentO, which brings together European artists and manufacturers, showing how beautiful technology can be.


Turning pixels into loops

Did you know that the first computer was a knitting machine? It used punch cards to create complex patterns, which was the inspiration for the binary code.

Today, modern textile machines still recognise a digital file like the old punch cards:

1 pixel = 1 needle + 1 loop.

It means that a textile machine can be hacked! Once we understood the soul of this engine, we could talk with them and #reprogramthemachines.




We’ve invited two amazing artists, Anna Niestroj, a digital pattern designer based in Berlin, and Graça Paz, a painter from Porto, to develop this textile experiment with us.


We are all united by the spirit of the women of Bauhaus, honouring their avant-garde work in design. One hundred years later, here we are again: female artists hacking the machines, bringing art, and technology together and creating high-quality products proudly made in Europe.

Anna and Graça have created three exclusive patterns each, which have been turned into beautiful jacquard knits in the shades of neon, pastel, and B&W. You can have knitted ponchos, scarfs, cushions, and throw blankets with these wonderful designs in the spirit of the Bauhaus.


Sustainable and Made in Europe

The most sustainable statement today is to use what already exists, thus avoiding waste and a new production cycle. This is why we only use certified European yarn that is in local supply, making sure that no new shipments need to be made, and no new material produced.

We are also not producing any new packaging. But how are we going to deliver the products? Using existing ones! Every day, thousands of cardboard boxes come to our addresses, and most of them end up in a landfill. We have decided to make them our own, giving them a beauty makeover and shipping them to you.


We believe that staying local is another way to solve the challenges of the circular economy. For us, producing locally is not only a statement of the quality of the Portuguese manufacturers, but it is a sustainable move, reducing our carbon footprint on many levels.




To create these knits, we are using different yarns and mixed materials that we’ve found available in stock. These include cotton, wool, merino wool, viscose, polyester, and polyacrylic fibre within the pieces.


We are conscious that we can’t recycle mixed yarns, but no new yarn was produced in the execution of this project. Everything was designed based upon the existing yarns in stock. We then give this yarn a proper home: in a high-quality product with no need for it to be recycled for decades.

If at some point you decide to give it away or recycle it, you can ship it back to us, and we will find it a proper home. We are not going to sell it again, but we can re-use it in a different form, in compliance with the full circular economy model.