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Smart Garment for Space Gloves is a smart garment layer that provides active support for astronauts’ hands in a seamless manner.

This technology combines conductive silver yarn with embedded sensitivity sensors that allow capturing single-finger gestures, and wirelessly transfer them to control any robot. SG2 is bringing to the market an innovative hand function support system that uses thin, breathable, flexible, and smart textiles to provide a light, non-intrusive, safe, and small glove, to be used on space or on an everyday basis, in the labor-intensive industrial sectors.

This projects is proudly sponsored by the Galactica Project


GALACTICA project aims to support the creation of new industrial value chains around textile and aerospace sectors based on advanced manufacturing.

The vision is to drive cross-sectoral innovation to boost new market opportunities, revenues and improve productivity.

GALACTICA will facilitate the uptake of advanced manufacturing technologies as part of the digital transition of the textile and aerospace industries.

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Prototyping Process