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Welcome to Porto, the city of makers, where high-tech meets traditional craftsman(and women)ship! Get to know our city and meet our makers. Let’s talk about “made in EU”, AI and ethics, material science for space travel, and more. Be the first to read “The State of Presence”, the newest report from our partner, ThePowerHouse. They interviewed technologists, artists, and entrepreneurs to better understand the state of innovation, and the result will be launched during the Garden Porto by FNDMT.

Welcome to the city of makers

Please feel welcome to the city of makers, Porto, Portugal. For centuries, this region has been known for connecting the highest technologies with the ancient techniques of craftsmanship. Inspired by this tradition, we decided to bring Ars Electronica to Portugal and host the Porto Garden by FNDMT. During our edition, we will show you around our beautiful city and introduce you to our makers and shakers from Norte Portugal and the region.

To start, we have partnered with ThePowerHouse, who will release their new future report exclusively to the audience of Ars Electronica. In the last months, they have interviewed technologists, artists, and innovative entrepreneurs about our ‘new state of presence’ asking the question – what’s next? During the Ars Electronica Garden Porto by FNDMT, you’ll meet all the contributors for an online FAQ session.

In the second part of the program, we are bringing Porto closer to you. Artists, artisans, makers, creators, and technologists will give you an insight into their work and creative spaces. Watch out for our ‘Meet the Makers’ series where you can find out more about how we in Porto use technology in our artwork. The video has been kindly sponsored by ScaleUp Porto.

In the third part of our program, we’re asking the big questions and sharing the big stories in a series of roundtables with international and Porto-based leaders to discuss topics such as materials in space, social impact and ethics in AI, and sustainability and technology from inside the factory.


  • The State of Presence (How to find Opportunity in Chaos) – Contributor’s Roundtable & FAQ 
  • Materials in Space: How Porto Cork ended up in SpaceX
  • The Philosopher’s Roundtable: Social Impact and Ethics in AI 
  • Mythbusters: Sustainability and Technology, an inside from the factory


Wednesday, 9th of September, 12:00 – 12:50

The State of Presence (How to find Opportunity in Chaos) – Contributor’s Roundtable & FAQ

Saturday, 12th of September, 12:00 – 12:50

The Philosopher’s Roundtable: Social Impact and Ethics in AI