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Meet the Makers: Let us introduce you to Porto, a city of makers. Artists, creators, artisans and technologists will give you an insight into their work and creative spaces.

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Aquela Kombucha

Aquela Kombucha is a refreshing and tasty fermented tea that is produced with soul in a Porto brewery through a natural fermentation process in an ancient tradition.

Aquela Kombucha is the first Porto kombucha brewery whose mission is to provide a product as delicious and beneficial as its homemade version. Also of importance are the promotion of the values and actions of sustainability and respect for Mother Nature.

The project was created by Maria Lima, an architect and fashion producer, after a trip to Bali in 2017, where she tried kombucha for the first time.  Her many experiences gave rise to a factory in Bonfim, where she gives wings to the magic of fermentation with his collaborator, Francisco Pardo, another architect that has been converted to kombucharias!

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EcoolHunter | Vanda Jorge

A former journalist, she became a trendsetter.

Vanda Jorge has a degree in Social Communication from the Technical University of Lisbon, and from 2004 to 2018, she was a journalist and editorial coordinator of the Images of Brand program at Sic Notícias. Her academic and professional path led her to “analyze the way brands are managed, how trends are identified, and how solutions are designed for specific markets”. Today, she is the creative and content director at Eco, where she is responsible for the Ecoolhunter section.

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Gabriela Arlindo

Gabriela Cazetta Airlindo is a sustainable fashion enthusiast, but above all, she is an entrepreneur and a true artist.

With Brazilian origins, she moved to Porto. She trained in fashion, graduating from Fashion Design at the Technical University of Lisbon in 2013. Years later, she graduated with a degree in Textiles and Fashion at the University of São Paulo in 2015. She discovered her love for natural dyeing techniques and stamping with plants in 2016. Since then, her craft has deepened, and she has created a natural dyeing technique for synthetic fibers and created her project Moda.Convida to take and share this knowledge with the Portuguese community.

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Gazete Azulejos

Gazete Azulejos is a tile painting and research atelier based in Porto, Portugal.

The tiled buildings in Porto turn the city into a real outdoor museum. These tiles were produced in the many factories that existed in the area. But nowadays all of them have disappeared or are abandoned, that’s why the preservation of these tiles is so important.

The mission of the creative company is to promote and preserve the Porto tiles. In 2018 they created Gazete Azulejos, where they hand paint tiles with traditional techniques, replicas for the restoration of facades and make tile painting workshops to teach about this old-time art.

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Katty Xiomara

Born in Venezuela within a Portuguese family, Katty Xiomara moved to Portugal at the age of 18, settling in Porto.
In 1997, she ended the Fashion Design course at Citex (now Modatex), where she currently lectures. She has filled the fashion week calendar in Portugal since 1998. Earlier in her career, she reconciles the evolution of the brand with other projects in diverse areas such as children’s clothing, uniforms, theater, TV, music, dance, and graphic arts.

After countless awards and getting recognition worldwide, the Katty Xiomora brand philosophy falls within the concept of designer-driven pieces that are aspirational yet accessible, elegant, timeless, sophisticated but playful, ultra-feminine with perfect tailoring, and meticulously structured and shaped. They also boldly use color and print. They’re for women who are confident in themselves, as well as their style choices, strong attitude, individual style, and romantic spirit.


Keso, their stage name, or Marco Ferreira, is a musician, broadcaster, and DJ from Porto who already has three original records in his repertoire and more than a hundred shows across the country, in the most diverse areas.

A film student at the Lisbon School of Theater and Cinema, Keso developed work in various areas of music, his professional, and academic career. As a young man, growing up in one of the poorest and oldest neighborhoods in the city of Porto is notorious. Over the past ten years, he has developed projects in Porto, Lisbon, London, and Rio de Janeiro, both in the field of cinema and music, and has a habitual residence in various venues in the country. Recognized for his qualitative demands, Keso is an artist of detail who hardly makes rendering his responsibility into something merely banal. A collector of music and experiences around the world, this is a reference to the city and its culture as well as consolidated brands within the scope of national hip-hop and spoken word.

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Lehmann + Silva

Since its opening in November 2017, the Lehmann + Silva gallery has been committed to promoting contemporary Portuguese artists in the international art scene, as well as representing and exhibiting international artists in Portugal and abroad. The gallery is distinguished by the deep relationships it develops with artists and community, representing and exhibiting them from emergence to mid-career to their establishment.

The gallery is surrounded by students, artists’ studios, and a friendly artistic environment. The gallery’s project room aims to bring artistic exchange, experimentation, and discussion to the forefront. Young artists and curators receive an opportunity to showcase projects in a professional gallery environment. The purpose of this initiative is to support artists and curators to encourage a theoretical discussion to take place within the gallery.

LUMO Project

LUMO is an artistic intervention designed by Irena Übler & Lyft Creative Studio that works by reusing and transforming recycled plastic and exploring the rhythm of colour and reflection of the digital light. Through video mapping, the chain reaction of optical elements will be projected on a physical created surface, which is made out of recycled plastic tiles.

Our intention is to make the visitor aware of the importance of recycling and transformation of the plastic. Disposable goods will be transformed into an artistic object and enhanced to a noble dimension.

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Oficina Lab

OficinaLab is a creative company that develops and manufactures products tailored to companies and individuals that seek to engage people with physical, personalized, and exclusive elements. We help innovative and dynamic companies connect and communicate with their customers through careful design and high-quality manufacturing. We mix knowledge from various disciplines such as design, digital manufacturing, woodwork, and electronics to create new solutions that meet the needs of our customers and partners.

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OPO’Lab is a multidisciplinary centre and the first FabLab in Portugal dedicated to thinking about and exploring the creative use of new technologies in architecture, engineering, design and other artistic fields, by promoting research, education and cultural activities. Since its founding in 2010, OPO’Lab has contributed to the development and realisation of projects proposed by countless creative minds that challenge the limits.

This project assumes, therefore, a key strategic role in the context in which it operates, to establish important partnerships with other social actors such as public authorities, schools and associations, and cultural and scientific advancement.

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Preencher Vazios

The project “Filling Empties”; was created to fill the empty spaces in the facades of houses and buildings on the streets of Porto.
The Portuguese tile covering is considered a national heritage and internationally recognized as a secular art, asserting itself as one of the tourist attractions of our city.This project aims to draw attention to these small details that surround us daily, and surprise passers-by with something they were not used to seeing during their journey, assigning small messages that lead us to reflect on our routines and behaviors. It is an invitation to walk the streets of Porto, to look at things we never look at and to choose different paths.

To discover the new, as if we became tourists in our own city. #preenchervazios

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Rudolfo Quintas

Rudolfo Quintas (Porto, 1980) is a Portuguese media artist. He creates interactive, generative and data mapping audiovisual works which invariably take the form of performances, installations, or sculptures. These digital media environments form a subtle balance between control and randomness, defined by Verónica Metello as ‘sensitive contexts.’ Such contexts establish a continuous dialogue between the digital and non-digital. They are a window opened to the world, where the artist unveils new perspectives to reflect upon human behaviours.

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The Royal Studio | João Castro

The Royal is a collaborative and derivative approach that challenges the performative and literary practice of design, instrumentalizing it as an artistic discourse. It often operates between the boundaries of identity, culture, and authorship in media arts and communication design. Insects have always been attracted to the light. There is yet to be designed an object that does anything other than to shape society. The Royal designs with words other than graphism, poems other than strategy, and builds to allow a world that is designed as a consequence.

The Knitting Project | FNDMT

A project bringing together two powerful women with a very strong brand. Two amazing artists, Anna Niestroj, a digital pattern designer based in Berlin, and Graça Paz, a painter from Porto, who developed a project with FNDMT.

We unite by the spirit of the women of Bauhaus, honoring their avant-garde work in design. One hundred years later, here we are again: female artists hacking the machines, bringing art and technology together, and creating high-quality products proudly made in Europe.

Anna and Graça have created three exclusive patterns each, which have been turned into beautiful jacquard knits in shades of neon, pastel, and B&W. You can have knitted ponchos, scarfs, cushions, and throw blankets with these wonderful designs in the spirit of Bauhaus.

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VIVA Lab is a digital manufacturing laboratory dedicated to education, design and innovation. Here, we combine our pedagogical experience and product development with technological tools of the century, XXI and Maker culture.

We are a family-owned and operated business. In this creative space of excellence, we have the opportunity to surprise ourselves, collaborate with unlikely partners, take risks and try new things. This environment of freedom helps to change ways of thinking, to visualise ideas and to put them into practice.

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Vraauu! is a Brazilian expression for joy and excitement, just like our accessories! We are focused on trying to create a new approach of mixing materials, colors, and textures. 

The Vraauu! the team is made up of, Mariana Almeida, a materials engineer, and fashion and product designer. She started making the accessories in mid-April 2019, and since then, she has focused her work on researching new processes and materials using the production waste in new projects. All the pieces are handmade with ethical and eco-friendly responsibility in mind.

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