Our Magic


Here at FNDMT, we believe in an interdisciplinary approach to solving the issues of modern manufacturing.

Joining traditional craftsmanship together with high-end technology, we’re creating smart and beautiful products – for you as a service.

We’re making your ideas real – made in Europe, highly-certified, sustainable and of the highest quality.

One of our success stories: We are using the standard industrial machines — Reprograming them with new ideas. We simply understood how these machines work — Like computers! That means, we can reprogram them to make any kind of patterns — Repurpose existing resources. What could be more sustainable?

That is the company’s statement: 


This is happening in a time when traditional textile manufacturers have to look for new ways to make money — Fast fashion is going down in flames.

What’s the next big thing?

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Our team

Lisa Lang is a European entrepreneur, technologist and international speaker. Founder and CEO of the brands OFundamentO, ElektroCouture and ThePowerHouse, leading companies for FashionTech, wearable technologies, smart textiles manufacturing and making things glow. 

Joana Lacerda is a Portuguese entrepreneur, activist and awarded impact enthusiast. Was recognized by Forbes as one of the brightest European entrepreneurs, innovators and game-changers, under the age of 30.

Lívia Pinent is a Brazilian anthropologist with a PhD in Communication Sciences. Both researcher and entrepreneur, she advocates for the future of education through creativity, technology, and empathy.

Hannah Nunes is a worldwide entrepreneur. Specialised in developing, creating and launching foreign companies in Portugal, she is now responsible for all operations and logistics, ensuring an optimised workflow for the business.